We are committed to being the one stop resource for all your certification and engineering needs.

Whether we are to assist in individual items or provide complete turnkey certification solutions; we are there for you by your side ready to help.


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Our activities are a seamless plug-in to your Certification and Engineering office, directly connecting you with your desired end result.




We are an easily accessible resource that works as a cloud process of your company, preserving your internal assets while dynamically expanding your man-hour capacity, reducing over all operating cost.


Our primary objective is to ensure that all designs, changes to design, and design baselines are within the requirements that apply for the respective market.


It is often that an office of airworthiness is faced with tight deadlines and a critical a lack of highly specialized and skilled individuals. Maintaining a large contingent of personnel is typically difficult to justify, our service can help your organization to be more dynamic, and consequently more profitable.


Our experience has shown that there are two kinds of documentary activities that your engineering staff may be involved in:

Critical documentation such as test plans, and or reports for up-coming tests that are best performed in-house.

Non-critical documentation such as reports, analysis, comparisons, or substantiations, are more profitably generated with external resource.



Based on our thirty years of experience in all aspects of aviation related activities, we can provide a comprehensive range of assistance in all of your certification and engineering related needs.

Whether we are to support individual items or provide complete turn-key certification solutions; we are there for you, by your side, and ready to help.

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